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Greek Aesop Wiki


A Place For Texts


You can find a good many Aesop's fables in Greek at the Aesopica.net website. Unfortunately, that website was initially created (1999-2001) at a time when putting polytonic Greek online was a very difficult challenge. Consequently, the Greek texts contain a number of errors.


This wiki will serve as a place to work on editing Greek texts to display at aesopica.net. Right now, work is being completed on the fables of Syntipas


A Place For Study


This wiki can also serve as a place to accumulate study materials (grammar guides, notes, etc.) - something like the Latin Aesopus wiki. If you have suggestions about how I can make these texts more useful for independent or classroom-based study, please let me know!


Parallel versions and translations. The Greek texts contain a link to parallel versions, and also to an English translation (if available).


Segmented version. Each fable will also be displayed in a "segmented" format to facilitate reading.


Grammar notes. Limited grammar notes are also available at the bottom of some of these pages.



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