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Who was Syntipas? Thanks to Ben Perry's Aesopica, Syntipas is probably best known today as the author of a set of Aesop's fables in Greek. The name is a pseudonym, something like the name "Aesop" itself. In addition to being credited with this set of fables, Syntipas is also credited with the Greek version of a collection of stories known as The Seven Sages (often called the "Dolopathos" in the western tradition, after the name of the protagonist in a famous Latin version of the text).


And just who was the author of these fables? That would be Michael Andreopoulos, a Byzantine scholar of the eleventh century, who translated these stories from Syriac into Greek.  Most of them are familiar fables, attested elsewhere in the Greek tradition, but approximately one fourth of the total are fables not elsewhere attested in the written tradition, except in this collection and its derivatives.


Syntipas 1: Ὄνος καὶ τέττιξ (Donkey and Cicada)

Syntipas 2: Ἄνθρωπος πένης καὶ Θάνατος (A Poor Man and Death)

Syntipas 3: Χελιδὼν καὶ κόραξ (A Swallow and a Crow)

Syntipas 4: Ποταμοὶ καὶ θάλασσα (Rivers and a Sea)

Syntipas 5: Γαλῆ καὶ ῥίνη (A Weasel and a File)

Syntipas 6: Θηρευτὴς καὶ λύκος (A Hunter and a Wolf)

Syntipas 7: Ἀλέκτορες δύο καὶ ἀετός (Two Roosters and an Eagle)

Syntipas 8: Περιστερὰ διψῶσα (A Thirsty Pigeon)

Syntipas 9: Κόραξ ἀετὸν μιμούμενος (A Raven Imitates an Eagle)

Syntipas 10: Λαγωὸς ἐν φρέατι καὶ ἀλώπηξ (A Hare in a Well and a Fox)

Syntipas 11: Ταῦρος, λέαινα καὶ σύαγρος (A Bull, a Lioness and a Wild Boar)

Syntipas 12: Ποιμὴν καὶ λέων (A Shepherd and a Lion)

Syntipas 13: Λέων καὶ δύο ταῦροι (A Lion and Two Bulls)

Syntipas 14: Ἀλώπηξ καὶ πίθηξ (A Fox and a Monkey)

Syntipas 15: Ἔλαφος ἐπὶ νάματι καὶ θηρευταί (A Deer by a Stream and Hunters)

Syntipas 16: Κύων καὶ χαλκεῖς (A Dog and Blacksmiths)

Syntipas 17: Λέων ἐγκάθειρκτος καὶ ἀλώπηξ (A Lion in a Cage and a Fox)

Syntipas 18: Ὄφις πατούμενος (A Trampled Snake)

Syntipas 19: Κύνες λέοντος δορὰν σπαράττοντες (Dogs Tearing the Hide of a Lion)

Syntipas 20: Ἔλαφος νοσοῦσα (A Deer Fallen Ill)

Syntipas 21: Θηρευτὴς καὶ κύων (A Hunter and a Dog)

Syntipas 22: Λαγωοὶ καὶ ἀλώπεκες (Hares and Foxes)

Syntipas 23: Παῖς λουόμενος (A Boy Bathing)

Syntipas 24: Ἀετὸς καὶ ἀλώπηξ (An Eagle and a Fox)

Syntipas 25: Ἀνὴρ ἔχιν ἀνελόμενος (A Man Taking Up a Viper)

Syntipas 26: Ἰξευτὴς καὶ πέρδιξ (A Bird Catcher and a Partridge)

Syntipas 27: Ὄρνις χρυσοτόκος (A Hen Laying Golden Eggs)

Syntipas 28: Κύων κρέας φέρων (A Dog Carrying Meat)

Syntipas 29: Ὄνος ἵππον μακαρίζων (A Donkey Congratulating a Horse)

Syntipas 30: Ὄναγρος καὶ ὄνος (A Wild Ass and a Donkey)

Syntipas 31: Συκῆ καὶ ἐλαία (A Fig Tree and an Olive Tree)

Syntipas 32: Κηπουρὸς ἀρδεύων λάχανα (A Gardener Watering Vegetables)

Syntipas 33: Κύων καὶ μακελλεύς (A Dog and a Butcher)

Syntipas 34: Κηπουρὸς καὶ κύων (A Gardener and a Dog)

Syntipas 35: Γαστὴρ καὶ πόδες (A Stomach and Feet)

Syntipas 36: Νυκτερίς, κέπφος καὶ βάτος (A Bat, a Booby and a Bramble Bush)

Syntipas 37: Λέων γηράσας καὶ αλώπηξ (An Old Lion and a Fox)

Syntipas 38: Κύων λύκον διώκων (A Dog Pursuing a Wolf)

Syntipas 39: Νεανίσκος ἀκρίδας θηρεύων καὶ σκορπίος (A young Man Hunting Crickets and a Scorpion)

Syntipas 40: Ταῦρος καὶ αἶγες ἄγριαι (A Bull and Wild Goats)

Syntipas 41: Αἰθίοψ (A Black Man)

Syntipas 42: Γυνὴ καὶ ὄρνις (A Woman and a Hen)

Syntipas 43: Μύρμηξ καὶ τέττιξ (An Ant and a Cicada)

Syntipas 44: Λύκος καὶ αἴξ (A Wolf and a Goat)

Syntipas 45: Πῶλος (A Colt)

Syntipas 46: Πίθηξ καὶ ἁλιεύς (A Monkey and a Fisherman)

Syntipas 47: Κώνωψ καὶ ταῦρος (A Gnat and a Bull)

Syntipas 48: Κύκλωψ (A Cyclops)

Syntipas 49: Θηρευτὴς καὶ ἱππεύς (A Hunter and a Horseman)

Syntipas 50: Κύων καὶ λαγωός (A Dog and a Hare)

Syntipas 51: Μύες καὶ γαλαῖ (Mice and Weasels)

Syntipas 52: Λύκος καὶ λέων (A Wolf and a Lion)

Syntipas 53: Ταὼς καὶ κόραξ (A Peacock and a Crow)

Syntipas 54: Νεανίσκος καὶ γραῦς (A Young Man and an Old Woman)

Syntipas 55: Ἥλιος καὶ Βορρᾶς (The Sun and the North Wind)

Syntipas 56: Κυνόδηκτος (Bitten by a Dog)

Syntipas 57: Ὄρνις καὶ χελιδών (A Hen and a Swallow)

Syntipas 58: Στρουθὸς ἐπὶ μυρσίνης (A Sparrow on a Myrtle Branch)

Syntipas 59: Κάμηλος κεράτων ἐφιεμένη (A Camel Longing for Horns)

Syntipas 60: Κύκνοι καὶ χῆνες (Swans and Geese)

Syntipas 61: Λύκοι ποταμὸν ἐκπίνοντες (Wolves Drinking a River)

Syntipas 62: Τέττιξ καὶ ἀνήρ (A Cicada and a Man)


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